Contractors Machinery & Plants

NAGICO’s Contractors Machinery & Plants Insurance is an all risk accident and loss of profits insurance covering unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to an entire plant and operating machinery, including building structure inventory and goods in production.

The most important feature or benefit of our ‘All Risks’ insurance is that any peril not excluded by the Policy exclusions is covered and the onus is on the Insurance Company to prove otherwise.

For more information or to establish a Comprehensive Machinery insurance policy, call 284-394-6433, or email us.


Cash In Transit

As a business owner, you conduct numerous transactions that involve the use of money in the form of cash, cheques and other negotiable instruments. NAGICO’s Cash In Transit Insurance protects your business against loss of money from a variety of causes such as money in transit, burglary and employee theft.

For more information or to establish a Cash In Transit insurance policy, call 284-394-6433, or email us.


Business Interruption

It’s important that you keep your business from closing its doors due to unexpected events. If you are closed for business, suppliers and debtors still have to be paid. Don’t let a circumstance outside your control interrupt your business’ productivity causing you to close your doors for an undetermined period.

Our Business interruption insurance can keep your company’s capital flowing in the event of a disruption.

For more information or to establish a Business Interruption insurance policy, call 284-394-6433, or email us.


Jeweler's Block

Jewellery store owners and operators have specific needs for insurance coverage that are different from other types of businesses. Designed specifically for jewellery store owners and operators, the NAGICO Jewellers Block policy protects jewelelry stores against the loss or damage to business personal property such as the jewelry, furnishings and store fixtures.

Our policy covers the store from loss due to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, windstorm, explosions, aircraft damage, floods, volcanic eruptions, malicious damage, riots, lightning, fires, theft and burglary. Coverage can also be extended to include protection against hold ups, smash and grab robberies and other circumstances.

For more information or to establish a Jewler's Block insurance policy, call 284-394-6433, or email us.


Fidelity Guarantee

It’s an unfortunate reality that business employers have to be concerned about employee theft. Businesses that handle cash or securities need the added security of a Fidelity Guarantee policy from to protect them in the event of robbery or theft.

Because crime-related losses are not typically covered by most property insurance policies, crime protection insurance is a necessary component for any business. NAGICO provides the right coverage so business owners have the confidence that the risk of company theft is covered.

For more information or to establish a Fidelity Guarantee insurance policy, call 284-394-6433, or email us.



Theft is almost a fact of life for businesses and it can happen to anyone. In order to protect your business from robberies, burglaries, smash and grab incidents or hold ups, you will benefit from a NAGICO Burglary Business Insurance policy. It meets the needs of your business by providing protection against theft or burglary of personal property.

Our Burglary Business Insurance policy covers property contained in business premises, including stock, equipment, computers, computer software, money and securities held in locked safe or cash box. Damages to the premises are also covered.

For more information or to establish a Burglary Business insurance policy, call 284-394-6433, or email us.


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